Why Dat?!


To start you have Mark Ingram coming off of his best year with the Saints and as of now stands as the lone poster child of what a “good” Alabama Running Back Product looks like in the NFL. To build off of his solid year, the Saints bring in Adrian Peterson. They bring in a Running Back that gives no blocking protection to their number one player and is not a good pass catcher to rack up the all purpose yards. To break down what an offensive series will look like for the Saints with AP, let’s start with First Down.

1st Down: If AP is in, they are most likely running the ball. This isn’t even that big of a tell since most teams run on first down anyway, but for a back that does not receive very well, defenses won’t have to worry too much about AP being a threat if Brees is thinking pass.

2nd Down and Long: Let’s just say AP gets a yard and hasn’t broken down a defense since it’s the first half. Ingram is in. Now you keep the Defense honest since Brees might be looking pass, but Ingram can also run the ball if they are wanting to get closer to a 3rd and short.

3rd Down: Whether its short or long, I honestly feel like Ingram is your guy in this situation as well. If its short, I wouldn’t want a defense to jam 8 guys in the box with AP and would want the Defense to spread out a little more so I would go Ingram.

Whether it’s a pass or a run, I think aside from 1st down I would have Ingram in. Ingram can pass block and is just a good all purpose yards player, which benefits the way that Sean Payton and Drew Brees run their offense. They did have a hole at RB as far as the depth chart goes, but I think this is a weird way to fill that gap with more money than this gap was worth. But still love AP and hope he has more left in the tank!

– Joey Almars

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