What If We Didn’t Sign Cousins…


With that said, we are clearly the best landing spot for any player who controls their future contract and wants to win now as well as get paid. It is very difficult to win without a QB in this passing league, but with Jimmy Garoppolo setting the market at $27.5M this offseason, I am starting to think, What if we didn’t sign Kirk Cousins or franchise tag Case Keenum….?

And I know this is going to start to look like one of my Madden teams really quick. Because I always like to stack the Defense and short suit the Offense but I will try to show more balance.

Looking at this upcoming Free Agency class and having a little over $53M to spend. There is a part of me that wonders what this team could accomplish if we ran with Teddy Bridgewater and pick pocketed elite teams that have spent out of their depth and are forced to let guys go.

Full Disclaimer – I do not think Bridgewater is the answer but with the inflated QB value this offseason, this post unpacks other ways we could play with our money.

The teams will have a tougher time negotiating with big time players would include, the Dolphins, Seahawks, Falcons, and the Patriots. Now looking at those teams, and players that could boost our lineup, the ones that jump out at me would include:

Malcolm Butler – CB (makes $3.9M) Sheldon Richardson – DT (makes $2.5M) Dontari Poe – DT (makes $8M) Jarvis Landy – WR (makes under $900K)

And if we look at some market value for these types of players, I would put their value as follows:

Sheldon Richardson  – $11M Dontari Poe – $8M Malcolm Butler – $7M Jarvis Landry – $8M

With that totaling to a $34M against our cap, that would shore up our Defense, flair up our offense, and allow us to go hard in the draft for additional offensive lineman.

And for those that may still be scared of not getting Cousins, even at this current market value, it we take Dontari Poe out of this equation, that would still give us about $27M to play with a quarterback signing.

Now the fun thing is, this only covers teams at the bottom of the pile, who are needing to clear cap space. There are plenty of other Free Agents out there who could boost this lineup.

And after being benched in the Super Bowl, Malcolm Butler shouldn’t be too hard to lure away. And while Sheldon Richardson can be a lose cannon, I trust him in the hands of the man who was the only person to control the discipline troubled Cincinnati Bengals (In Zimmer We Trust).

And I am a sucker for Jarvis Landry and love his game and it would be unreal to have him with Diggs and Thielen. And then Dontari Poe is another great option to help out alongside Linval Joseph because of his durability this last year and if we got Sheldon Richardson, this may be a little overkill anyway for the interior Defensive Line. – But he is an option.

I did a previous article, Keeping Keenum in Minnesota, which unpacked our budget through 2021 and we are looking good with keeping this core together, but any players we do sign, aside from a QB, I would like to only have them signed through that year, so we have to cash freed up to sign our best options.

All in all, I think we have a lot of options and a great GM who is known for making splashes so very excited to see what happens this offseason.

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