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Well, That Happened… (Vikings Edition)


And as I have said a few times in my posts, it truly takes one game for me to hate a team in any sport, and the Philadelphia Eagles have made that list.

In that game, it felt like we just got ripped apart by the Philly TEs, and I don’t know if they were breaking right when one of our zones ended or began but we just got out schemed. And the downside was we didn’t even get time for the Zimmer adjustments at the half, because it was truly the last 4 minutes of the 1st half that decided that game. We could have gone into the half 14-7 which would have been fine. But when you turn the ball over with the unfortunate strip sack and continue to try to make up ground, our 7 point hole turned into a 17 point hole and that was the moment where the wind came out of the sails.

But after a great season, here are my takeaways post heartbreak…

2018 Vikings Takeaways

With those positives put out there, I don’t think we will ever have an easier time to get to the Super Bowl. We faced an Eagles team without Carson Wentz (but a truly exceptional Nick Foles – to his credit) Dodged Matt Ryan’s Falcons who is struggling to mesh with his new Offensive Coordinator Passed an injured Aaron Rodgers for the division Waived by a suspended Cowboys team And we’ll have to face a very solid and very young Rams team that just got some playoff experience.

Now, as i highlighted in Keeping Keenum in Minnesota, this team is not disbanding like the Seattle Seahawks or the Atlanta Falcons, so this will be a team that will be in it all the way through 2021. This is a young team and we got a core that now has playoff experience and the while the heartbreak may continue, we will at least have opportunities to put ourselves back out there in hope to fall in love all over again.

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