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Vikings (vs) Saints

So driving into work today, I started thinking about the Vikings Matchup on Sunday and all of the memories of Bounty Gate against Brett Favre started coming back. All the hate started bubbling up and now I am totally out for revenge!

And for those of you who think that “Defensive Coordinator – Gregg Williams is gone now and Sean Payton had nothing to do with it…”

Oh Honey

That game was completely stolen and I hate the Saints as much as I did in 2009. But New Postseason with a live look at Sean Payton:

Sean Payton Tweet

But looking ahead as to how we can turn the page and set the record straight and even the score. We gotta throw out what we know about the team we played at the beginning of the year because this New Saints team with Kamara is completely transformed.

I think our Defense matches up well skill wise with their high powered Offense. And stats wise by two player committee, we have the best RB duo in Murray and McKinnon behind Kamara and Ingram. And one thing the Vikings have as well is one of the best WR pairings in combined receiving yards with Diggs and Theilen!

Cameron Jordan scares me coming around the outside but with our offensive weapons under Shurmur, I think we edge their Defense out just enough.

But here is what we got going for us. We have Mike Zimmer and most importantly we have Mike Zimmer in the second half after Sean Payton shows his hand and he makes the adjustments. And we get the Saints in our building! And those two things are going to make the biggest difference with these two evenly matched teams.

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