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Vikings (vs) Eagles


But let’s breakdown the upcoming weeks and see if this is even possible.

Week 12: Vikings (vs) Lions – now this one is do or die, because if the Vikings lose this game, our focus is just winning the division with conference goal in the backseat. The Lions have a very easy schedule going forward so this is a must win, to keep us in the drivers seat in the North. This will be a tough game on the road, with a short week for prep, but I do think this is a win for us simply because it is tough to beat teams twice. So I give the Vikings the win in week 12.

Eagles (vs) Bears – win… nothing much more to say on this one so, now on to week 13

Week 13: Vikings (vs) Falcons – this is one of the tougher games left on our schedule. But I think if we have a healthy Xavier Rhodes and having him on Julio will be a matchup made in heaven since he does very well at shutting down fast/large WRs. While the Falcons Defense does not have all the pieces to be elite, they definitely have some interesting schemes which will be a good test for our offensive line. Truthfully, I think if Freeman is out, I give us the win. But with Freeman in its a toss up. And its a road game against a good offense so for the sake of giving us a little margin for error, lets say this is a loss.

Eagles (vs) Seahawks – this is a tough away game for the Eagles, primarily because the Seahawks are in the wild card and Russell Wilson has been playing incredible. But the Seahawks are missing Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman, which makes me hesitant to say that this is a walk over win by the Seahawks.

To prepare my heart for heartbreak – let’s say the Eagles win this game and puts the Vikings 2 games back.

Week 14: Vikings (vs) Panthers – We beat them on the road, because truthfully if you get to Cam Newton early, you win the game. And since we have had a great history against them and a great history getting to Cam. I give the Vikings the W.

Eagles (vs) Rams – I think this could be a close matchup. And honestly, who would have thought that a game with Jared Goff and Carson Wentz would be exciting after last year. How quickly things change. But it will be fun to see the number 2 pick and number 1 pick go at it. And I think both of these Defenses will match each other well, but with this being in LA, I would give it to the Rams.

Now fast forwarding through the rest of the season… with the big games behind both teams I would say that the Vikings win out having to deal with Green Bay, Chicago, and Cinci.

Now the Eagles have possibly one more tough game with the Raiders in Week 16 but that is only if the Raiders are still in the hunt, because it will be all on that Offense to outscore Wentz, since that Defense has done nothing the entire year.

In conclusion, to not set myself up for heartbreak I would say that Vikings still finish one game behind Philly going into the playoffs. But both the Vikings and the Eagles have 2 very “lose-able” games so time well tell. And to close, I do think that these two teams will play each other in the NFC Conference championship so whether its in Philly or Minneapolis, both of these teams will have their stadiums on the road to play each other.

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