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Vikings Quarterback Position


Keeping Keenum in Minnesota, we definitely have the money to keep Case if we want to for the long term. And with the new developments at the QB position around the league, I would say that the Vikings are in the drivers seat for a couple of reasons.

  1. Pat Shurmur has been tied to Eli Manning to start 2018, which is great news because they would have had to move Eli if they were to safely and responsibly sign Case Keenum this offseason.

  2. Washington has gotten the ball rolling and signed Alex Smith, which most likely frees up Kirk Cousins to the rest of the league (unless of course the Redskins franchise Cousins again which would make things very interesting for trading purposes).

Apart from franchising, I think this makes Case Keenum a very willing candidate to stay here and continue to grow the chemistry that he already has with the young Vikings Offense. The only reason I ever thought that Case would leave is if he was wanting to follow the Coordinator that he was most familiar with, but now that he is married to Eli, we should be good to go if the Vikings want him.

Sam Bradford is for sure gone, so I don’t need to elaborate on that much more.

To stay on the home front, I think Teddy has to go. I hope he has a great year somewhere else, but as small as Case Keenum’s sample size is under our offense, productivity wise, Teddy’s is even smaller. All I have to hold onto with Teddy is a preseason game where he completed some long balls against the Cincinnati Bengals and that is just not enough for me to shift extra millions over to his contract. If he stays as a backup for a smaller deal, he is a great locker room guy, and would love to have him stay! But it will really have to depend on what the negotiations look like and what he wants to do.

I have to assume that Jimmy Garoppolo is staying in San Francisco so I will keep him out of this writing for now…. But how fun would that be?!

Now for Kirk Cousins, this hurts because he is obviously the best option when it comes to productivity year in and year out. But why I am hesitant, and wanting to stay with Case is chemistry.

If we think back a year ago, we did not see these numbers from Thielen or Diggs and that was with the Shurmur. So to me, the real difference has been Case. Given, we didn’t have Shurmur the whole year and Sam Bradford was working off of Norv’s playbook for the first part. But when we did have Shurmur, there was not this type of production with Bradford, it was only with Case. That’s why I am hesitant in bringing another talented Quarterback in.

With Shurmur gone, I would like to keep as many of the same parts together, and if it means keeping Case and our QB Coach, Kevin Stefanski, then I’d say lets franchise Case and run with it. Save the money that we would have to spend on Cousins and possibly make different splash in FA?

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