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Vikings Playoff Scenarios

Vikings Fans looking around for other teams to take the conference:

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A lot to unpack in these last couple weeks. Carson Wentz going down and Nick Foles taking the helm shows that the Philadelphia Eagles are definitely beatable. The Giants gave them a run for their money which is a big indicator as to why this is no longer the team to fear in the playoffs. And on top of that, with Nick Foles starting, we now have 2 real shots (with the Raiders and Cowboys – with Zeke) to take over the top spot in the conference to get home field advantage all the way to the Super Bowl.

Now to get there….

Truthfully the only team that I am scared of in this bunch is the Atlanta Falcons. We barely beat them in a low scoring game and while I think home field advantage might be enough to swing momentum our way…. it is just hard to beat teams twice.

Not worried about the Saints – because while this team has gotten better since we beat them last, I just think our Defense is enough to slow their Offense down and our Offense mismatches their Defense. And I mean Karma (not Kamara) has to come into play some time right?

And we will not lose to the Panthers again. They are a team that coasts in the second half and we will totally beat them if we play them here. And the Rams are young enough to beat twice especially if we are playing at home.

Assuming we get the top seed, we are rooting for:

Dallas to win out and Detroit Win Out – but this only matters if the Falcons lose out because they have the tie breaker on both of these teams. Long shot but if this does happen – Atlanta misses the postseason. And more importantly we dodge them being the “low seed” which we would most likely have to play if we sat at the top of the conference.

But let’s say that the Eagles hold onto that top spot…. that is not a bad scenario to hold onto the second seed.

That way we avoid Atlanta (assuming they lose at least one of their final two games which is more than likely) and we only go on the road if we play the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship, which is not a bad play and also very unlikely to happen!

So these are the two scenarios. And honestly whichever one happens, we should be looking pretty good. We just need Atlanta to lose at least one of their last two games to stay comfortable, because if they win out – they hold a division spot and then they are back into play……

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