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The Packers Offseason


Mike McCarthy is gone. And to quote my friend Sam….

Aaron Rodgers Custody

So now that you have McCarthy out of the picture (which was long overdue), where do the Packers go from here?

The Vikings Payroll situation is locked up so I have taken it upon myself to HELP the Packers shareholders in deciding how to best build around Aaron Rodgers new contract.

I'm helping

The trolling stops here 🙂

Now lets dive in. The big contracts coming off the books are Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews who are making a combined $24M. And in the Packers defense, these contracts weren’t that crazy when they were signed but these two players have truly sandbagged the teams cap space and SHOULD NOT be re-signed. Aside from that $24M Spotrac reports that the Packers will have $41M to spend, but for now, I would just like to focus on those two contracts.

Where the Packers need help is the Defensive side of the ball. They could use some Free Safety help as well as a replacement for Matthews. Tyrann Mathieu would be incredible, but I don’t see him leaving the Texans after the season they are having. So for FS that would be and upgrade and a player looking to move from there team… Earl Thomas.

Earl Thomas is definitely a risk with having another injury, but if he comes back, we know he is not going back to Seattle. And if he comes back, I think a competitive offer would definitely be less than what he is making right now ($11M/year) but even if it is close to that, it is still less than Clay and when healthy, he is incredible for what he brings to the table. This is definitely a gamble, but the Packers will need a few of those boom or bust deals to make the most out of a payroll that is largely wrapped up in one guy. And if this is a “Boom,” this could really spark a Packers defense that has not been relevant since Charles Woodson came aboard.

Now to replace Clay Matthews. Looking at talent and talent that is either willing to move or forced to move because of cap restraints…. Anthony Barr. I know this is super ironic, after he injured Aaron Rodgers, but Barr can do exactly what Clay does and a whole lot more. He has violent hands, speed. and incredible reach when it comes to getting to the quarterback. If they want him blitzing every time, he can certainly do that in a 3-4 (which is what Matthews did) and he is definitely more versatile if they need him elsewhere. The Vikings will sadly have to part ways with him and I think this is the move that the Packers pursue on the LB slot.

If the Packers add Earl Thomas and Anthony Barr with the contracts of Matthews/Cobb – I think you begin to shape a team that can work with Rodgers’ contract.

Still a question of who to have on the Offensive side of the ball. But I do think that Rodgers having Jones, Adams, and his O-Line that is something he should be able to work with, ESPECIALLY if Rodgers cuts down on his release time which puts stress on his entire team.

I think they could fulfill the WR2 need in the draft. Jimmy Graham is a non blocking TE and honestly feel like he is over valued but the Packers made the deal and unless they can get him off the books, they are stuck with him.  Not only does Graham not block, but he also steers away from contact plays which means that he has to be wide open for any hope of Rodgers completing a pass to him.

The coaching question is a whole other deal. But to humor a Green Bay Pipe Dream… If the Packers were able to get Bruce Arians out of retirement…. the other move that would be incredible would be to reunite him and Larry Fitzgerald for one last ride. But this could mean getting two great talents out of retirement since I would think that Fitzgerald is at least entertaining the thought of retiring. He also has a loyalty to the Cardinals so that is a whole other reason why that reunion is just a dream, but if they did get Arians…. you would have to think Fitz would at least consider playing with Rodgers?

Tough to know. But in looking at Rodgers window, he has a potential out in 2021 where he will be 37. So if the Packers are gearing up to make moves and become relevant in that time frame…. Earl Thomas and Anthony Barr would be my first 2 places to start with 2019 Free Agents. And in the college draft look for a WR that would compliment Adams and Graham.

And then looking into 2020, if Jordy Nelson is still wanting to play…. he will be freed up from the Raiders, just saying. While he wouldn’t be in the vintage Jordy form, he still has great hands and a chemistry with Rodgers which would be worth pursuing.

And that’s all I got.

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