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The Fun is Over


In post I wrote earlier this year (MLB: Farming (vs) Buying), it highlighted the fact that when the Yankees were truly at the top of the world, it was when they had a solid base of home grown players and then used their money to retain them and acquire complimentary players.

In 1996 when the Yankees really established their dominance and began their dynasty, they did it with a young core of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and Bernie Williams who built towards the future. The average age of that team was 30.3. The average age of this 2017 team… 28.7! And bear in mind that this team still has the old CC Sabathia on contract (who will be off the books next season) and two regulars of Matt Holliday and Todd Frazier who have provided little boost to this starting lineup. So truthfully the core producers of this team are well below the entire team average of 28.7. But How much lower?

The Age of Core Producers of the 2017 Yankees: Aaron Judge: 25 yrs old Gary Sanchez: 24 yrs old Didi Gregorius: 27 yrs old Starlin Castro: 27 yrs old Chad Green: 26 yrs old Dellin Betances: 29 yrs old Luis Severino: 23 yrs old Aroldis Chapman: 29 yrs old Averaging out to: 26.25 Years Old

And of course with the Yankees, you have to look at spending. With this core, they are spending just barely over $41M on all the producers above! And to link back to another past article (Make the Yankees Great Again), which highlighted there 2018 offseason, they have a TON of money being freed up with CC and A-ROD officially off the books! They will be able to throw that money at free agents like Darvish, Arrieta, Wade Davis, and all the WS Championship Holders on the Royals  like Hosmer, Cain, and  Moustakas.

So everyone, its been a fun ride. But before the Yankees hit the station that is the 2018 offseason – Go ASTROS!

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