The Defense is Back


To start, let’s take a trip down memory lane and to recall what we’ve learned so far.

1) Kai Forbath can carry this team when the Offense isn’t working as he showed with Baltimore and Cleveland going 10/10 on field goals.

2) When the Defense isn’t working, we can win in a shootout, as Keenum showed against Washington.

3) And when the Offense isn’t working, as long as the Defense is clicking, we can win games with our Defense keeping teams under 20 points allowed, which has become routine.

As long as we have 2/3, we can win (Defense, Offense, Special Teams).

And now looking at the Rams game.You take a hot Case Keenum and pair that with a Defense that bounced back from the Washington game. And you get what we saw on Sunday. And what we saw on Sunday is all we need to get to the big game.

The Offense moved against the best Defense we’ve played. The Offense got above the 20 point threshold which is all we need to ensure victory when our Defense is locked in.

And if we take away the Rams fumble on the 1 yard-line – that still puts them at 14 points which is domination for a Defense that struggled the week prior. We kept one of the highest scoring Offenses to under 300 yards of Offense and under 10 points in scoring.

The first drive was a little scary for how fast that the Rams moved down the field, but we have seen that consistently from this Defense. Sometimes it does take a drive for the opposing offense to show their hand for Zimmer to know how to beat them for the duration of the game. On the Defense’s second outing, they settled in as the usually do and kept them at bay until Half Time. And truthfully, this is all we need, because once we hit half time, we then get the lethal Zimmer adjustments and we are back in the drivers seat.

Kai Forbath struggled, but when you look at the 10 game sample size that we have had thus far as long as we have 2/3 corps working (Defense, Offense, and Special Teams), we can win games.

Now its all about edging out the Eagles for the top spot in the NFC to get Home Field Advantage through the whole playoffs and the Super Bowl!

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