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The Case For Case


So the last thing I want this to be is a Dak Prescott and Tony Romo media frenzy on who should start each week and whose team it is. So in the spirit of that, with a sprinkle of Minnesota non-confrontation…..

Salt Bae

To start things off can I say that I am just happy that we have this question as opposed to a question of whether to start Joe Webb or Christian Ponder. Like Who Cares? But now things are actually fun!

To steal a take from Ben Leber who was on from 9-Noon with PA (11/13/17) on the FAN. If the reason for Mike Zimmer not naming the starter is because he knows that this is how you motivate Case, then I am all for it! Some players do better with their backs against the wall, and if that’s the way with Case, Zimmer has to keep that going. In Zimmer we Trust.

Now we have the case for Case bringing us this far. We are 7-2 and at the top of the division and second best team in the NFC. I just don’t know how you can pull a guy who has led you this far and truly thrived in Pat Shurmur’s system. Because not only has Keenum thrived, so has Diggs, Thielen, Cook (when healthy), McKinnon, and Murray.

I was personally excited to see what Teddy would be able to do with those weapons in a system that seems far simpler than Norv Turner’s, who struggled to get this same production from the Offenses he’s had (with a mix of some of those players). But we just don’t know if this is going to be a perfect translate over to Teddy.

Now let’s talk schedule. We are going to be hitting some heavy hitters at the back end of our schedule like Atlanta, Detroit (which I feel fine about since its hard to beat teams twice – but still a division game), Rams, and Carolina (who looked hot on Monday). With the Lions having a push over schedule for the last half of the season (after they play us), there will be a lot of pressure on Case to hold the division and stay ahead of the Lions. There will be a lot of opportunities for him to slip up, which none of us want to see! But if that time comes, I think that is the only time that you could think to start Teddy.

There was a part of my healthy paranoia of being a Vikings fan that wanted us to get Teddy in game reps so that he is ready in case Keenum goes down, but this guy does not have an injury history! Keenum is very durable, so truthfully it is more likely that he will lose his spot due to the tough schedule rather than an injury that keeps him out a week or two.

And my final take is this: The last thing we want is an Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick situation where you have two guys who were similar in output (back in the day), and the drama coming from Alex Smith who wanted his team back, even though Kaepernick gave Harbaugh no reason to bench him.

With that said, I don’t think that would ever happen here with Teddy if we stay the course with Keenum until he needs help from the bench. I am giving the character points to Teddy, by saying that Teddy would not put himself above the team. Now lets flip coin and say that we benched Keenum to start Teddy against the Rams…. I am not saying this to bash on Keenum’s character, but it would sting [ANYONE] a little more if you did everything right and still couldn’t start for the team that you’ve led to this point.

Don’t Rock this Boat! We know better how Teddy will react to a supporting role next to Case than we do the other way around if we pull Case while he’s hot.

As much as I think this team rallies behind Teddy, and how much of an inspiration he would be in leading this team to the playoffs after coming back from injury, Teddy can do all of that from the sidelines until he is needed. Because Teddy is Teddy and regardless of whether he starts, he can inspire this team. Whether its rock paper scissors battles or him giving his best Drew Stanton – I think we gotta roll with Case until Case needs to go to the Bullpen.

Drew Stanton

That being said, it is just great to have him back on the sidelines!


  1. Joey Almars

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