Teddy’s Return: From The Eyes of a Mother

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But overall feeling good about where we are at with the QB position. We are not out of a game with Keenum in, which is a great spot to be considering that we have still seen a small sample size from Teddy. My lasting memory of Teddy was my excitement after the 2016 preseason game taking on the Cincinnati Bengals where Teddy had that long pass over the middle to Charles Johnson for a 40+ yard TD. That game began to show us the hope that we had finally solved our QB issues, but we are still missing what Teddy looks like against 1st string Defenses after that flawless 2016 preseason game.

So still a lot unknown with the Teddy situation, but we do know a couple positive changes with the first being an improved O-Line. Seriously, this Thanksgiving we can just be thankful that Teddy Bridgewater didn’t have to go through the entire that Sam Bradford did who was the least protected QB in regular season history. The sad thing was that the O-Line that the 2016 Vikings (37 sacks) eclipsed for worst protection of a Quarterback in a single season was the 2011 Rams (36 sacks) also led by Sam Bradford. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Sam Bradford was sacked for 35 times in 2012 and 34 times in 2010! – That poor, poor man.

So Bridgewater is coming in with a better O-Line and he can start using Norv Turner’s big playbook as a door-stopper because he’s gone, and as a result we are actually seeing production from Treadwell and seeing Theilen have his best year as a Viking. We are getting so many more players involved in this new Offensive system and that will give Teddy some weapons he hasn’t had as much time to work with.

Now the big question is when will he play?

For me (and my “Mom instincts kicking in”), I will feel much better if Washington has perfect conditions! Like not a cloud in the sky and shows signs of maybe raining on Wednesday. This might sound stupid, but if conditions aren’t perfect, I have no problem starting Keenum who has kept us at the top of the division thus far. Maybe if we go down early and the offense needs a boost, then maybe put him in.

But truthfully, don’t we all want to see his first game back at home? But then I look at the schedule and realize that we will have to go up against Aaron Donald and the Rams! PASS! But then you are dealing with 3 Road Games before you come back home to play Cinci, where we first saw that glimmer of hope in the 2016 preseason.

As all good parents have to do, you have to let your children be free, which is what we have to do for Teddy. Whether he starts in Washington or starts at home against the Rams, what we do know is that Teddy the heart and soul of this team and after a long journey, he is finally back and there is definitely an energy behind that, which is visible on the practice field and in teammate interviews.

He’s Back!!


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