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State of the NFC


I had wondered about the Eagles, regarding what would happen if they went up against a big Defense and my questions were answered on Sunday when they played Denver. They completely crushed Denver 51-23, which is scary because I can’t recall the last time the Vikings put up 51 points! So they are a legitimate threat, and completely new crew, so unless Brent Celek is holding onto some of that bad luck the Eagles had in the postseason during the Andy Reid era, we should see them in the NFC championship.

Who Else is in contention? I think the Rams are the favorite coming out of the West because the Seahawks have been way too inconsistent and Arizona has lost a lot of pieces to injury and San Fransisco IS a lot of pieces and that has nothing to do with injuries. But I am not worried about the Rams making it too far, because they haven’t played a lot of good teams and they have been feeding off a soft division which will get them to the playoffs but not much farther.

Looking at the NFC South….. I have not been able to pick a Carolina Victory to save my life. Point Spreads aside, I have not picked a win correctly that Carolina has chalked up. I don’t know what it is about this team but they are definitely in the mix for me when it comes playoff time. The good news however is when they do get to the postseason, if they play the Eagles, I believe the Eagles Defense should handle them. And if the Vikings play them….. not worried. We put 8 sacks on Cam last year, and when Cam plays against good defenses, the opposing team takes over. #StripSackMiller It’s because of this (and what the heck, since I haven’t picked a win right for this team yet why stop now), I am picking the Saints to win this division.

So in summary, I have…. NFC North: Vikings NFC South: Saints NFC West: Rams NFC East: Eagles

Wild Cards: Panthers and Lions (since Zeke will end up serving his suspension eventually)

Now who wins the NFC championship? This answer would have been a lot simpler from me if the Vikings still had Dalvin Cook, but with the Defense keeping 7 of the last 8 teams under 20 points, my hope is that the Vikings Defense will bring a different kind of Elite to the table that Carson Wentz hasn’t see this season.

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