Obligatory Optimism


To look at the high points of the draft:

Dalvin Cook – This Guy is SHIFTY! I am totally sold on this pick. If you want to get excited, watch the highlight reel from Florida State and what Cook is able to do in traffic, making people miss and finding avenues for extra yards is so fun to watch. I was concerned that we were going to have Latavius Murray running our backfield because I believe that Murray will be in for a rude awakening when he realizes he is not running behind the Oakland Offensive Line. But with Murray and Cook, I think they will be perfect compliments to each other by having Cook carry the primary load and Murray assisting in the pass blocking and 3rd and short game. So excited for Dalvin Cook!

Pat Elflein – I loved this draft pick because for as much as our offense gets hurt, it is nice to have a guy who has had experience at all interior positions of the line. Also, fun fact is with Elflein’s wrestling background he has great positioning and is able to move people around by staying low. From the Draft analysis, not the best pass blocker, but on the plus side we aren’t going to become a passing team overnight and Elflein will be a great fit with our run offense and be able to help a ton on the Goal Line and the classic 3rd and 1 plays, which we were hilariously bad at last year.

Jaleel Johnson – Don’t have a ton of opinions behind this pick but I don’t have to, because in Zimmer We Trust. If Zimmer likes him – I like him! Good size at 316 and from draft analysis sounds like he struggles with holding his ground in the run game but could be a big threat in the passing game, and with the amount of late round guys Zimmer has used to implement in his defense… in Zimmer We Trust.

Offseason Acquisitions:

Michael Floyd – I love that we got this guy! Floyd is exactly what we need to take some pressure off of Stefon Diggs and his talent as a pass blocker will also serve us well in regards to finding more yards each down. He is established and I think if we could get Treadwell in the game and have him see regular snaps, we could have a blocking Wide Receiver Core that resembles a shade of what the Cardinals had. And plus, I think a 1 year contract is very safe given the off the field issues so I believe we are covered on that front as well.

Mike Remmers and Riley Reiff – These were solid pick ups. To Start you have Remmers who has started every game for the last 3 seasons and you have Reiff who missed 2 games last year and 1 game in 2016-17. Both Iron Horses. They both have experience playing both sides of the Tackle Position and while they have not been elite, they have served important roles on two offensives that put up great offensive numbers. Not the flashiest signings out there but these players will fill their roles and provide stability to a line that was a revolving door last year and with Pat Elflein and Aaron Boone, I feel much better about this line going into 2017-18 season.

And To conclude, our Defense is Solid. I think with the repairs we made on the Offensive Unit will keep the Defense off the field longer and provide our Defense with the extra stamina needed to lock down opposing Offenses late in the game. With a simpler playbook for Treadwell and a full offseason for Sam Bradford to study… Vikings Fans we are getting very close. #WinterIsComing

– Joey Almars

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