Minnesota Twins Free Agency Wishlist

So let's get this out of the way now... Do I want the Twins to get a pitcher like Trevor Bauer? Yes.

Will They? No.

And Should They? No.

When we are looking at where dollars should be spent, it makes way more sense to put that money towards every day lineup players as opposed to players who only help you when it's their turn in the rotation.

In rebuilding the Cubs, they started with hitting. And once they found out what they had for hitters... then Theo Epstein went out in FA and filled in the gaps of their pitching staff.

So who should we get?


While there may be a time coming around the corner... now is not the time to go all in on starting pitching. But as we have seen with many teams... the way around the hefty SP investment is in the bullpen.

From Baseball Reference, the Minnesota Twins pitching staff had a 4.18 ERA and 9.0 SO9 in 2019 and in this shortened 2020 season they had a 3.58 ERA and 9.4 SO9

The pitching I want to bring in keeps us in that productivity range and I believe gives us considerable improvement (These numbers are pulled from the last 2 seasons each of these pitchers saw the field):

For the Starting Pitchers of Chris Archer and Brad Peacock, I see them being placeholders for those spots but important to have as we see what we are building with our young talent coming up.


Bottom line for me is for the Minnesota Twins to surround these young hitters of Kirilloff, Rooker, Lewis, and Jeffers with as much talent as we can before we pass the torch to this talented next generation.

What I love about Kyle Schwarber as I highlighted in The Case For Schwarber: A New Twins Mold was his ability to hit in key spots through the postseason. In my lifetime, this is a glaring problem with the lineups the Minnesota Twins have built, and Schwarber is affordable option that moves us in the right direction.

Another player that fits this mold for me is Tommy La Stella. This is a player who has been to the postseason but has lacked the At-Bats and the opportunity to prove himself. But in 2020, he got his shot!

In the 4 games he played in the ALDS against Houston, he hit .313 with an OPS of .951. And what is another asset that La Stella brings to the table is his position flexibility having played considerable time at 2nd Base and 3rd Base. I love Josh Donaldson but he has a injury history and with Luis Arraez struggling in 2020... Tommy La Stella gives us insurance in those spots the same way Marwin Gonzalez did, but is an upgrade for us at the plate.


Now, since it's the Twins... we gotta talk money.

In 2019, The Minnesota Twins Payroll was: $125,256,003

This model would put us at about: $126,530,000

I think it's imperative that we stay away from any big Trevor Bauer type deals UNTIL we find out what we have in our young hitters.

This follows the model of the Cubs Rebuild where they filled in the gaps of their pitching staff once they knew what they had with their hitters. And for a farm system that is coveted by many... the last thing we want to do is tie up our payroll and lose those players later on because the Twins Ownership won't pay them.

- Joey Almars