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Make the Yankees Great Again Pt. 2


Seriously, we have heard that the teams the Red Sox, Cardinals, Phillies, and the Giants (who have had the most interaction with the Marlins per CBS report) all be in the mix for possible buyers for Stanton’s and his giant contract. But why aren’t the Yankees in the conversation?

The Red Sox are definitely under what they have been paying so that is definitely a move they could go for (even with some terrible contracts on their books already).

The Giants, I would be in favor of because any dollars that we can take off the table to put towards my Minnesota Twins pipe dream of getting Bumgarner is fine by me. But aside from my bias, they do have money to spend on the West Coast.

The Cardinals would be in the mix but honestly not an ideal landing spot for Stanton with that aging lineup.

The Phillies have all the money to spend in the world but they have no supporting cast which once again will come into play when it comes to Stanton waiving his no trade clause.

This fails in comparison to what Stanton’s actual contract numbers are but a lot of his contract is built around postseason success, so I would have to think that he would rule out the Phillies even though they are in the best financial spot.

If warm weather is a factor which it sounds like it might be according to Boston Herald Reports, that would remove the Cardinals, Red Sox, and Phillies anyway.

But if we look at those teams above, from a financial standpoint/paired with a powerful young lineup, the Yankees would be the clear front-runner and they have not been mentioned in trade rumors.

From a GM front office perspective in New York, you have one of the most HR friendly parks and just freed up more than $53M to pass off to an established young star to help your already young roster.

If their reason is to not repeat the mistakes they made that locked up all that money in the first place with CC Sabathia and A-Rod among others (with only getting 1 WS Ring I might add)…. then I get it.

And this could be me simply battening down the hatches in preparation for the Yankees to start dropping dollars in the free agency pool, but I think that they will at least have to enter into the conversation of possibly swaying Stanton into coming to join a young lineup that he could be with for the next 10 years.

Time will tell, but putting Stanton in that Wind Tunnel which is Yankee stadium would definitely bring out big comparisons to the original Bronx Bombers when you have him and Judge sharing the same outfield.

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