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Make the Yankees Great Again


Salary Cap: Let’s start by looking at their salary cap. The Yankees are past the years holding the top spot in the payroll slot, which was taken over by the LA Dodgers ($230M+) and are currently sitting 3rd on that list behind the Detroit Tigers ($195M+). But what is deceptive about the Yankees, is how much they are spending on the players on their Active Roster. When you look at A-Rod’s contract the Yankees are paying him $21 Million not to play for them in addition to Brian McCann who they are paying $5.5 Million making a total of $26.5 Million on the 2017 Cap Hit. While Brian McCann will be on the books in 2018…. Alex Rodriguez will not. And that is not all the money that will be freed up. CC Sabathia’s contract ($25M) will be up as well as Matt Holliday’s ($13M) and when you total that with A-Rod being off the books you are looking at a total of $69 Million Dollars freed up for a team that paying under $200 Million already in player salaries! Are you scared yet?

Let’s get Shopping! Ok now lets look for the future faces of the players we will love to hate. So the most notable candidate whose contract is up after 2017 is….. Bryce Harper. I honestly think this is inevitable. Bryce wants $400 Million dollars minimum from the Nationals (which the Nationals will not pay) and his agent is none other than Scott Boras who has dealt with the Yankees many times before in the negotiations with Alex Rodriguez and Mark Texiera’s giant contracts. If the Nationals don’t pay up, the Yankees will. And Bryce Harper has always idolized Mickey Mantle, his number is 34 which started when he was in little league and couldn’t have the number 7 (3+4=7), which I think is also convenient because if he did go to the Yankees, he would have to change his number anyway – so thinking ahead 😉

Go On…. I believe the Bryce contract could definitely happen, but let’s remember that this is the Yankees and we have more money to spend. Other notable free agents on the market in 2018 include Manny Machado and Josh Donaldson who could command big number for the performances they have had and be out bid by young Steinbrenner. Josh Donaldson comes from a star packed team and with the resigning of Jose Bautista, the Blue Jays may have their arm twisted and be forced to let Donaldson go. And on the other side you have Machado whose contract will be up the same time as Adam Jones so they will have to pick and choose who they can keep without financially decimating their team. So I definitely think that a third basemen gap could be filled but they will also need to look at pitching which I think the best option out there would be David Price. However, when getting in a bidding war against the rival Red Sox, this bidding could get very high and not worth all the paddle raising.

In conclusion, enjoy this season of mediocrity everyone because 2018 is coming! But the good news is, we will have a team to hate again and won’t have to watch underdogs beat each other up in October.

– Joey Almars

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