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Jimmy G. Touchdowns!

SF 49ers

This is a huge blunder for the Patriots because after all of the pre draft talks last year where teams were willing to give up 1st round picks – they turn those down – only to trade him midseason for a 2nd round pick. In their defense, I was thinking that Jimmy would be the same as another Patriots player that leaves Belichick’s nest, but Jimmy Garoppolo is really something special.

^^ But if there is a silver lining for patriots fans – it is that we know what the Patriots can do with a 2nd Round Pick.

In watching the games he has won outside of Belichick’s system, he has beat some struggling teams. But the way he has done it has been super fun to watch! He has an amazing pocket presence, good vision, good release, and can extend plays with his legs. And seeing those same traits carry over to a playoff team and top 5 Defense with the Jacksonville Jaguars – shows that this guy is no joke!

Jimmy G. was a complete Godsend for John Lynch and the 49ers staff, because they just crossed a big question off of their list for this offseason. They have seen him play in their system – under Shanahan and that question was answered. This offseason they sign him and now they can start looking for complimentary players in the draft and start to rebuild what was in recent years a dominant team. Excited to see who they build around him!

They are right behind the Browns (a little over 1 million) for having the most cap space available in the league ($59M+) and after they sign Garappolo, things could get very exciting with this free agency class.

The teams that are struggling on cap space and will likely lose some players this offseason are the Seahawks, Giants, Dolphins, Falcons, and Saints.

If the 49ers were to pluck players from those teams exclusively, that list would include: Jimmy Graham – TE Brent Grimes – CB Sheldon Richardson  – DT Prince Amukamara – CB Dontari Poe – DT Luke Joeckel – G Adrian Clayborn – DE

Of those players, I would say that the best targets for the 49ers would be from Atlanta and Seattle. That is where you are going to be able to pull the most talent and if they can drag away even a few players these teams, they should be set up very nice for the draft in solidifying that O-Line with 32 year old Joe Staley, who can’t carry the team like he used to.

Bottom line, the 49ers just answered the biggest problem any rebuilding teams have and that is getting their quarterback, so now John Lynch is in the drivers seat in finding the rest of the supporting cast to build around him.

  1. Joey Almars

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