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Is This Real?


Do you remember when we thought last year that we could be the first team to win a Super Bowl but then all those hopes got dashed due to a weak O-Line and an injured AP? (Prepare for a big Homer Article). Now I am not saying that we are for sure in the drivers seat, but let me ask you this, who else is driving?!

The Eagles: Young Quarterback, young team. Talented but haven’t played an elite defense at the top of their game. The Cowboys: Zeke getting all of these temporary reinstatement verdicts is going to hurt this team if they are actually going to make a final push into the playoffs. And their defense is terrible, which our offense would cut through just fine. Arizona Cardinals: Have yet to beat anyone big and that defense has been really struggling. Plus, Carson Palmer in the playoffs…. enough said. Seattle Seahawks: No O-Line. Scary Defense. But this team has yet to be the same without a strong run game so it will give opposing defenses a break when they go 3 and out. Atlanta Falcons: Their Defense is struggling. This team is still a threat because of their high powered offense. But we do have truly one of the only corners in Xavier Rhodes that sizes up with their biggest threat: Julio Jones. And this could slow them down just enough. Carolina Panthers: As we have always seen, this team struggles against elite defenses and when you combine that with some offensive weapons the Vikings have, I think we could be a good match. And lets not forget the havoc we gave Cam Newton last year! New Orleans Saints: Their offense is great and so is our defense so that will be a good battle, but then you have our offense that would pick apart their defense so I like our chances in playing them again in the postseason if we are at home.

Did I miss anyone? Think about it, what other team on this list can beat you with a healthy Defense and a 3rd string QB? Nobody!

It’s crazy to think about, because we have definitely had better teams and this is not our best lineup we can put out there due to injuries (losing Dalvin really hurts). But honestly, am I wrong?

Falcons scare me the most on this list, because they are the defending NFC champs, but take Julio Jones out of the game with Xavier Rhodes and I think we have an actual shot.

Would not have pegged this year to be our year, and we will see how the season plays out. But regardless of what happens with the QB situation, it will really not dip our chances out of playoff contention. And unless these teams can crack our Defense…. I really like our shot in the NFC!

– Joey Almars

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