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Hiding our Shortcomings


And that was the story of the game. I loved our Defense, we showed some creative sparks on Offense in the passing game and got Dalvin involved on some big plays, but when you can’t create enough plays to keep your defense off the field, that is where our opponents have really been able to grow their lead.

First off. In Zimmer We Trust. But this year, I truly believe that we can’t run the ball as much as he wants us to. In a perfect world, absolutely, lets run the ball and fully use the back talent we have. But John Defilippo has to answer to Zimmer and run the offense the way he wants to, and I think that needs to change for this year (until we can get some O-Line this offseason).

We know what we are getting from our O-Line and we need to help hide their shortcomings better, which to me means, shorter release time, keeping WR spread out, and once we establish the pass, then we can start to balance out the run game a bit more (but definitely not 50/50). And when we get David Morgan back – get him in the blocking game as much as possible!

I believe that the second wild card spot is ours, and I also believe that if we are having any success in the postseason – it will have to be in keeping our defense fresh and off the field to sustain a dominant front for 60 minutes. And the only way we do that is through the passing game with quick release which best covers up our team’s shortcomings on the O-Line.

When the Vikings played the Eagles in the NFC championship last year. John Defilippo helped orchestrate a complete take down of our Defense. When asked, his answer was he knew that they couldn’t sustain methodical drives against our Defense. So the Eagles spread out our defense and attacked our secondary with bigger plays.

What we showed against the Pats, our O-Line can make Defensive teams look better and it is for that reason that we will struggle to string together 1st Downs to the Red Zone. And it is for that reason that we need to take a page out of the plan that beat us last year and not give our O-Line the chance to fail. Not running through them and not bending them with extending pass plays, but rather quick passes with the mix of larger plays to take off bigger chunks of the field.

I am not saying this is the long term solution, but until we get new recruits for the O-Line, and if we are to have any success in the postseason and our road to get there, this is the play.

  1. Joey Almars

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