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BREAKING IN 2018: Eli to Jags – Rodgers to NYG

So apparently the Giants did not watch Buffalo make Peterman the starter to send a message to Tyrod Taylor during the Chargers game…. “One more loss, that will show him?”

The Giants, like the Bills are just going to shoot themselves in the foot by going with Geno Smith who we know is not starter material. But its New York so I am totally fine with watching it happen!

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In the past article, I wrote that the next landing spot for Aaron Rodgers would be Jacksonville….

So changing my answer. I could still see Rodgers going to Jacksonville. But now that it looks like Eli Manning has seen his last days in New York, this might shuffle things around a bit.

The only reason I think Eli Manning could be the play for the Jaguars is that Tom Coughlin is the VP of Football Operations in Jacksonville. He was a huge fan of Eli Manning and Eli Manning was a huge fan of him.

The Jags are already good this year. All they need is an upgrade from Blake Bortles and they will be able to make a push in the AFC. Eli Manning might be the slight upgrade they need and they might not need to go full Aaron Rodgers to make the hurtle into a deep playoff run.

I do think Aaron Rodgers should go to Jacksonville, but if an already established relationship takes priority over stardom… Eli Manning could be the guy. And if Eli does leave New York, there will be a gap on a team that is not afraid to spend money on bringing more stars to New York, so I could totally see this being a landing spot for Rodgers. The Cap Hit difference between Eli and Rodgers is less than $1M and you get twice the talent and one less super bowl ring….

Rap Battle

But seriously, the Giants would not hesitate to bringing this guy to the East Coast, and I would have to think Rodgers would love the spotlight. Like I said, the ideal spot for either of these players is Jacksonville, but it will be exciting to see how things unfold this offseason.

  1. Joey Almars

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