BREAKING in 2018: Aaron Rodgers to Jacksonville.


Let’s set the table. When you take away Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers, the team completely falls apart. He is the team, and when he is in, he disguises all of the short comings of this team. So when he is in, he has to completely put the team on his back to make a Playoff Run, which hasn’t brought about a lot of success. The regular season is a long time alone to carry a team so it is understandable that Rodgers has not been able to carry that same dominance in the postseason when the Packers and their shortcomings go up against the best of the best.

With the table set, my question to you: is it that crazy for him to want to go to a team that gives him more assets to have playoff success?

With him being the LeBron James of Football, I would have to think that it has crossed his mind. In 2018, he has a potential out in his contract where he could play Peyton Manning and dip into FA to see who is out there. So where would he go?

Looking at the teams that need a QB and could afford him, we’ll start with the Browns… and move right past them since that would virtually be the same a package of the same problems with even worse management. The 49ers would be interesting but I think if Aaron Rodgers had to choose, he would want to go to a place that actually has some pieces together. But being a Cal Quarterback, I would have to think that he wouldn’t mind playing somewhere warmer than Green Bay……

Wait For It

The Jacksonville Jaguars. Like this is so possible I can hardly stand it! They are the team with the third largest amount of money in cap room and if they upgrade from Blake Bortles to Aaron Rodgers….. Whoa!

But weather and money aside. What could they provide the California Quarterback that the Green Bay Packers don’t already have? A Solid Defense. An All Star Running Back. A Receiver in Allen Robinson who could replace Jordy Nelson just fine. No More Brett Favre Nights. An easier path to the playoffs. A GM who will actually go out and bring in players that their lineup staples need…… Should I continue?

Seriously, this would be the best thing to happen to the Vikings since Olivia Munn! Get him out of the NFC North!

But I know what you Packer Fans are thinking… “Like but what about all of our bars and hunting lodges?” “We just named a street after you!” “We have so many more cheeses for you to try!” Owners: “Can we file a claim with State Farm for damage of our property that is the Green Bay Packers?” “In Battle for Custody do we still get to keep Joe Buck?”

Guys, he’s already packing his sunscreen. This is totally going to happen! Let this bird fly the nest, he needs a Defense and an Offense that is not centered around one player.

If you guys don’t help him pack, I will.

Joey Almars

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