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Obligatory Optimism, might actually be closer to grasp than I originally thought!

Let’s start with the O-Line. We didn’t make big splashes in the off season with this unit, but the splashes we did make focused on position versatility and overall career health. Rieff and Remmers, checked both of those boxes and when you add a guy like Pat Elflein in the Center Slot you provide that same versatility combined with a low center of gravity ingrained in him from wrestling years which I love. With these three guys, you have a line that is set to combat one of the things that has plagued the vikings in recent years – injuries. Now for me, I looked at these players as more insurance policies preparing for the worst, but seeing how they jelled last night, I am definitely behind this group. While we will play MUCH tougher defenses than the Aint’s, the fact that we can hit this level of protection so Sam Bradford gives me a lot of faith that this season will be different.

Now Sam Bradford. It’s amazing what a full off season to jell and learn and new offensive scheme can do and that is what we just saw last night combined with the awesome protection from the O-Line and extra blockers. Sleeves was on point and was hitting players in stride and taking off chunks of the field with his passing to get to the end zone. And this is exactly the type of thing that we need for Dalvin Cook as he progresses to fully take over the Running Back position. While he may not be able to carry a team like Adrian Peterson did in the Tavaris Jackson years, he won’t have to if these other two parts of the offense are clicking like they were last night.

The WR corp. was unreal last night. Love to see the targets to Wright, Diggs, Theilen, and Rudolph, and Sam Bradford was utilizing every facet of the offense which in turn made his checkdowns more effective as the Defense wasn’t always expecting them.

Honestly, when the offense is working the way that it was last night, this Defense is incredible. The Offense kept our guys off the field to rest for next Drew Brees attack and there was not a moment in that game where I felt that the Defense was gassed or losing control. Our offense doesn’t even have to be as proficient as it was last night, but as long as it shows the same diversity in play calling with getting everyone involved and ultimately keeping the defense off the field, I really like this team moving forward!

  1. Joey Almars

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