Bills Mafia and What Shapes Buffalo

It is impossible for me not to be invested in something on football Sunday. So in the years the Vikings miss the playoffs, I find myself searching for the team to rally behind. And this year, the easiest pick for me was the Buffalo Bills.

As a Vikings fan, we have had our share of heartbreak, and when you look at the #BillsMafia... that is something they are all too familiar with. So in a lot of ways, it was through that heartbreak that led me to dig in deeper to the Buffalo Bills history these last few years and that naturally led me to the ESPN 30-30 on the Four Falls of Buffalo.

What I love about this team and fanbase is when you look through the years, there are some common themes. And in times of heartbreak, it appears that these character qualities are even more magnified.

First let's talk about the team. In the 90s, if you could say anything about that Bills team, everyone would agree that they were resilient.

There are so many plays that you could point to, but if you were to sum it up in one play it would be Don Beebe running all the way down the field to strip Leon Lett on his attempted scoop and score. And at this point, the game was already decided, so the Defensive Touchdown wouldn't have mattered, but it was a pride thing and this play serves as an image to what that Buffalo team was about.

And to mention one more display of resiliency, you have the 35-3 comeback led by back up QB Frank Reich (Current Head Coach for Indy) to defeat the Oilers in the 1993 AFC Wild Card game. And it was that 2nd half turnaround that brought them back to another Super Bowl.

And to me, this 2020 Josh Allen led Bills has this same type of makeup. From the successful onside kick and even some of the extra curriculars that happened in the closing minutes of the game... this is a team that never gave up. Would I have liked to see them go for it on 4th a few more times like they did right out of the gate in the first drive? Absolutely. But the bottom line is that against a team as transcendent as the Mahomes led Chiefs, they never gave in.

When you look at the 4 Super Bowl losses in a row, you still had a fan base that rallied behind that HOF level team. They had parades when they lost Super Bowls, and honestly can you imagine if they had won?! And yet another sign that some things never change surrounding the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia... Following this AFC Conference Championship loss, the fans still showed up to show them love at the airport (WGRZ Report).

Jim Kelly said it best when stated that "Buffalo Fans don't want to be at home they want to come to the stadium in December and we need a game in January for once!"

And honestly, when you look at the parades after losses, and a team that historically has had that fight. Resilience and Loyalty are just two things that are imbedded in this fanbase. They have paid their dues and I cannot wait to see this team get over the hump and win the Super Bowl! But the bottom line is, the Buffalo Bills now have games in January - and that's what Bills Mafia deserves.