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Are You In Love Yet?


So much going into the final drive, if your family is anything like mine, all the baby boomers were watching from the kitchen, with the years of heartbreak coming back to haunt them once again….

Case makes a big completion to Diggs and not only do the Saints players keep Diggs in the field of play, but they hold him up and prevent him from going down! So emotions are running high there and we are then forced to use our final timeout.

Now the clock is at 10 seconds… and as coined by PA of the FAN, the Miracle of Minneapolis takes birth. Keenum throws to the sidelines, where the Saints have been patrolling this whole drive, and Diggs goes up for it with the Safety flying right underneath him!

And for Diggs to have THE PRESENCE OF MIND to not just go out of bounds with seconds on the clock (and do what his entire team was yelling at him to do), but to turn the ball up field and not even leave the game to the chance of the field goal and score the game winning touchdown, completing the Minneapolis Miracle!

***** And for this to happen against any team I am so happy that it happened to the Saints led by this smug little con artist!! ****

Sorry Sean

Oh and PS – all of our hits we made on Brees – cost $0.00 Bounty Bucks!


So much for me to talk about with this Defense shutting down the Saints 17-0 in the first half, but since most of my writing is focused on the Vikings unreal Defense, I want to shift attention to this offense and why I am completely in love with these blue collar, 1st line grinders that we have this year!

To start, lets dive into who we have and where they come from: QB – Case Keenum – Undrafted 2012 RB – Latavius Murray – 6th Round 2013 – (181 Overall) RB – Jerick McKinnon – 3rd Round 2014 – (96 Overall) WR – Adam Thielen – Undrafted 2013 WR – Stefon Diggs – 5th Round 2015 – (146 Overall) WR – Jarius Wright – 4th Round 2012 – (118 Overall) TE – Kyle Rudolph – 2nd Round 2011 – (43 Overall)

LT – Riley Reiff – 1st Round 2011 – (23 Overall) LG – Mike Remmers – Undrafted 2012 C – Pat Elflein – 3rd Round 2017 – (70 Overall) RG – Joe Berger – 6th Round 2005 – (207 Overall) RT – Rashod Hill – Undrafted 2016

Breaking down this list: With the exception of Kyle Rudolph and Riley Reiff, all of these guys were picked in the 3rd round or later. And on this list you will also see 4 players that weren’t drafted at all. These guys had to really work, once they made it to the NFL. They did not land big contracts out the gate (besides Reiff) and many of these guys had to fight to stay relevant in training camp.

That game last night completely encompassed that work ethic that this entire offense has. They wear their emotions on their sleeve, they are grinding it out each down, and know that nothing is given to them. And after all that work, Diggs and Thielen are quietly one of the best 1-2 punches of any WR combo in the league. And what’s maybe more surprising is that Murray and McKinnon are the best 1-2 punches of any RB combo behind Kamara and Ingram II.

This team had no quit last night and while I am always more of a Defensive fan especially when it comes to watching the Vikings Defense this year, I love this Offensive squad and after the nail biting years of Ponder and T-Jack, we deserve this miracle for as long as it lasts.

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