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Another New Offensive Coordinator?

Under Zimmer, the Defensive has had a defined identity every year he has coached them. The downside of having a defensive minded head coach is that when your team does well... The OC is up for head coaching jobs and then you have to reset.

And honestly, how long have we heard this? "New playbook, it will take the players a bit to get in sync." Same routine. And for anyone that has this as their reason for moving on from Zimmer... honestly I get it. You can get a Defensive Coordinator to stick around because it is the OC's that are more likely to get recruited for the Head Coach openings. So where do we go from here?

For me, if Kubiak is thinking of retiring... let him. Let's move on. We have to look for a consistent voice and if we are able to get a new QB in the draft... we can build a plan around that QB and have the proper OC to pair with that QB.

Where I differ... is that I don't think this spells the end for the Mike Zimmer era. And here is why.....

This Defense is going to make leaps and bounds forward next year when you have Hunter, Pierce, Kendricks, and Barr back. And I want Zimmer to have 1 more shot with pairing those guys with the young guys who were thrown into the fire this year and see what we get. Because if we get pressures... those young guys like Gladney and Dantzler are going to look even better.

If we let Zimmer go and pursue the next big thing for Head Coaches.... there is no telling that it will work out. And then we are back to square one with the likelihood of also getting the new DC that the next head coach brings with him.

So what I want the Vikings to do, is find the next OC. If that OC works out, don't let him walk. Offer him the head coaching job, give Zimmer the option of staying on to coach the defense which honestly... that's what he loves to do anyway.

That limits the transition that we have had way too much of in the past 6 years... and gives us an insurance policy if the next OC doesn't work out. Case in point..... John DeFilippo. Can you imagine? That would have been a nightmare!

I honestly think that Zimmer could go for that option. He built this Defense, he could stay with this defense, he wouldn't have to deal with the press, he likes the ownership, and can help with the bridging process for the Vikings into this changing league.

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