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A Call to the Bullpen


Trae Waynes is definitely a frustration, and we will have to see if Mackensie Alexander can progress just enough to surpass Waynes in the depth chart.

But putting week 2 behind us and looking to the rest of the season. Let me pitch you this. So hopefully we can have Sam Bradford going against Tampa Bay in week 3 and with him day to day, I guess that remains to be seen. But let’s just say he’s healthy. And for the sake of this argument, let’s say that he is healthy all until week 6. At this stage we will have Sam Bradford, and if the time table is correct, Teddy Bridgewater!

And I am not the type of person who will say that either of these quarterbacks are the answer, because I don’t believe that either of these players are close to the point of being able to take over a game when coming from behind. But I do think that we are in a unique position of having both of these injury prone quarterbacks on the roster, and they gives an unconventional stability to this position (since these quarterbacks are both starter quality).

Let’s run the week 2 scenario again and say that if Sam Bradford is a last minute scratch, Teddy Bridgewater comes in. Completely different story for teams who were planning for Bradford! This is the weakest illustration but it was something I remember, do you remember the shock factor that the Packers received when they were going up against Joe Webb instead faced Christian Ponder in round 1 of the playoffs in 2013? For the Vikings there was that first drive where the packers were caught on their heels not prepared for Joe Webb’s mobility. But since Joe Webb can’t throw, the Packers figured it out the next drive and everything was done after that. Like I said not the best illustration, but apply that same shock factor if that same situation happened round one of the playoffs this year but Teddy Bridgewater came in…

Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater both give us a chance to win the game. Truthfully either starter, will manage the game and give the defense a break off the field and with as good as that defense is, they will continue to get the ball back to the offense and while it may not always be pretty, we will be competitive.

And hey, as a Vikings fan if all these two QB roster spots give me is hope, after a last minute scratch situation, I’ll take it! We will most likely not have this much depth at QB again so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

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