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10 Things I Hate About You: Aaron Rodgers Edition

Very few athletes get under my skin like Aaron Rodgers does. This is the off-season and I still have to vent so lets start with the HATE. 

10 Things I Hate About You

Reason #1 – Joe Buck’s crush on Aaron Rodgers – Seriously, JUST ASK THE GUY OUT ALREADY! I don’t know what’s worse, having to play Aaron Rodgers twice a year in the division or having Joe Buck always around to pump his tires. If you don’t believe me, just watch any Packer game with Joe Buck as the announcer. Biggest man crush I have ever seen. When Aaron Rodgers gets sacked “what a great job by Aaron Rodgers, holding on to the ball, what a warrior.” And my all time favorite (Vikings vs Packers September 18 1st Quarter), “Aaron Rodgers rolls to the outside, cuz that’s the way HE LIKES IT!!!” …… Yes, that really happened.

jim gif 1

Reason #2 – The Chin Strap – Get. A. New. One. Seriously if you can’t sack up and tighten it in the way Brett Favre did, get a new one that wasn’t made in the 1980s. He wears it purely to call the refs attention and pretend like he is concussed every single play a Defensive player touches him. 

aaron rodgers tackled

Reason #3 – Never His Fault – When Aaron Rodgers loses a game he will blame it on the line, special teams, defense, Olivia Munn (ok that one was fake) and it is never his fault! Watch a Tom Brady press conference after a loss and Aaron Rodger’s press conference after a loss and you will see the difference between 5 Super Bowl Rings and 1 Super Bowl Ring.

Reason #4 – Glorified Stat Stuffer – Greg Jennings confirmed that Aaron Rodgers is better than Brett Favre in an interview on Undisputed. But when asked if Jennings would rather have Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre in a must win game, he chose Brett Favre HANDS DOWN. And in my opinion, Aaron Rodgers can think he is better than Favre all he wants, but until he wins another Super Bowl, or even GETS to a second one. I got all my chips in Brett’s camp.

Reason #5 – Draft Snub? – Just STOP. Quit acting like you are Tom Brady and you have this huge chip on your shoulder (clearly its not that big if you can only pull 1 Ring out of it). You were drafted 24th overall – not 199th. R-E-L-A-X RELAX! And stop walking around with a chip on your shoulder. Oh? You were warming the bench behind All Star, Brett Favre? Cry me a River – Tom Brady warmed the bench for Drew Bledsoe who was ALSO an All Star. Keep your head down, do your work and wait for your shot.

Reason #6 – Super Mario Dance – And the whitest player in the league goes to………

shaking head gif

Reason #7 – State Farm Commercials – Even when you hit the commercial breaks you still see him. You can’t escape.

Reason #8 – Maybe You Do Need Help? – I used to have a lot more respect for Aaron Rodgers’ ability. I used to think the Packers had it made, in the way they can draft a WR, develop him under Aaron Rodgers and create inflated value and trade him and get the inflated return, when in reality that WR was a product of the system. That’s what they did with Greg Jennings. So in short, I didn’t have as high of an opinion of Jordy Nelson, until he got hurt. Wow did the wheels come off! All of a sudden Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get his offense to work and that magical season really showed his mortality and really helped me get better night sleeps.

Reason #9 – Brett Favre Day – I’ll show a little “love.” Just when I thought Brett Favre Day couldn’t get any better, just have Aaron Rodgers play as Quarterback. #DumpsterFire This is like the Joe DiMaggio/Mickey Mantle complex except Brett Favre is the fun one that people like. Whenever DiMaggio came to be honored by the Yankees – Mickey Mantle fell apart because he couldn’t handle the Bronx honoring a guy who he had resentment towards. Same deal with Rodgers. I don’t know how many more times they can have Brett Favre at Lambeau, but I hope they even call him back for Bobble Head nights!

Reason #10 – Not Even a Top 5 – I think its obvious that Tom Brady is the Greatest of All Time and Aaron Rodgers isn’t even in that discussion. But I will take it one step further and say that Aaron Rodgers won’t even be a Top 5 Quarterbacks of All Time. Here’s my list: 1) Tom Brady – 5 Rings and 2 Super Bowl Losses. The ultimate leader. 2) Joe Montana – 4 Rings and set the bar for the next generation of Quarterbacks. 3) Peyton Manning – Offensive Mastermind, 2 Super Bowl Rings, and Statistically the best to ever play the game. 4) Dan Marino – Best QB statistically to never win a Super Bowl 5) John Elway – and that really hurts me to put him at #5 – but he did get 2 Rings and beat Favre to get one of them. And 100+ less interceptions than Brett earns him the 5th spot. ********** (And no, Aaron Rodgers isn’t even on the doorstep) 6) Brett Favre – Statistically the best after Elway. Most consecutive starts by a player. And One Super Bowl Ring, and Runner up for the One he lost to Elway.

What sets Aaron Rodgers apart is his ability to extend plays, it is truly incredible how patient he can be and make most out of some of the most broken plays. But any time he has lost mobility due to injury, his value takes a huge dip and is no longer able to take control of games. Even if Aaron Rodgers goes the rest of his career without an injury, he will slow down due to age, and he will in no way, shape or form be able to perform at the level Brady is playing at at the age of 39. No Chance.

– Joey Almars

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