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Hey Guys, Let's Dive In.

I am a​ Minnesota Sports Fan but can get sucked into a good sports story anywhere in the country. My reading typically revolves around sports and business and love the opportunity to blend the two in my writing.

I have been obsessed with movies ever since I was a little kid and make it a goal to see each Oscar Nomination prior to the Academy Awards. My Top 100 Movies is always a working progress so if you see one that should be on there - hit me up!

"It was the game... the sounds, the smells" - Joe Jackson said this about Baseball in Field of Dreams (which is so true)... but I also say this about Casinos! "I'd play for nothing." Let's talk Splits, Doubles, and riding the wave of the Blackjack Shoe.

And I can't leave out the wonderful world of sports betting. Fantasy Sports put extra action on every game and get you cheering for outcomes you'd never normally care about. Sports bets stack more action on top of it. Nothing beats fist bumping random people you don't know and being brought together by a simple outcome. Bring Sports Books to Minnesota!

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